Sunday School at 8:45am, Praise & Worship at 9:45am, and Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10am 

New Hope Church doors are now open. So we will no longer be going live Facebook on Sunday morning. We will resume our normal process where Worship will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Facebook and the New Hope website. Thank you God Bless 

Join us here every Wednesday at 7pm for Bible Study with Rev. Wes Taylor

10-20-21_Live Bible Study

10-6-21_Live Bible Study

09-26-21 10am Worship

09/15/21_Live Bible Study

10-17-21_10am Worship

10/3/21_10am Worship

09/22/21_Live Bible Study

 09-12-21_10am Worship

10-13-21_Live Bible Study

09-29-21_Live Bible Study

09-19-21_ 10 am Worship

09/8/21_Live Bible Study

08-29-21_10am Live Worship

09/01/21_Live Bible Study

Homegoing Service for Deaconess Dorothy Lanier 8/26/21 @ 1PM

08/25/21_Live Bible Study

08-11-21_Live Bible Study

08-01-21_10am Worship

7/14/21_Live Bible Study

8-22-21_10 am Worship

08-15-21_10am Worship

08-08-21_10am Live Worship

08/04/21_Live Bible Study

07/28/21_Live Bible Study

07/21/21_Live Bible Study

07/25/21_10am Worship

7/11/21_10am Worship